The Vineyards of Champagne by Juliet Blackwell

The Vineyards of Champagne by Juliet Blackwell SALE

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Deep within the labyrinth of caves that lie below the vineyards of Champagne, an underground city of women and children hums with life. Forced to take shelter from the onslaught of German shellfire above, the bravest among them venture out to pluck grapes for the harvest. But wine is not the only secret preserved in cellars In present day, Rosalyn travels to Champagne to select vintages for her employer. Rosalyn doesn't much care for champagne - or France, for that matter. Since the untimely death of her husband, Rosalyn finds it a challenge to enjoy anything at all. But as she reads through a cache of WWI letters and retraces the lives lived in the tunnels, Rosalyn will unravel a mystery hidden for decades and find a way to savor her own life again.