The Story of the Wright Brothers Coloring Book

The Story of the Wright Brothers Coloring Book

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by Dover

Brothers, partners, and pioneers -- the amazing tale of the two inventors who achieved the first successful heavier-than-air powered flight is recounted in this carefully rendered, well-researched coloring book.
Twenty-eight realistic, ready-to-color drawings trace the experiments and activities of Wilbur and Orville Wright from their initial glider tests (1900) and the flight of the Wright Flyer I in 1903 to a picture of Orville at the controls of an aircraft in 1947 -- one year before his death. Also included are views of the Wright family in 1878; Félix du Temple flying a steam-powered aeroplane (1874); Octave Chanute and his glider (1896); and many other historic images. Accurate, informative captions accompany the illustrations.
Certain to delight coloring book fans as well as enthusiasts of aviation history, this volume offers a captivating blend of entertainment and information.