Tabby's First Quest (Kitten Kingdom Book 1)

Tabby's First Quest (Kitten Kingdom Book 1) SALE

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New paperback. (Cover may vary.)

by Mia Bell

For fans of Puppy Princess, this new chapter book series brings together two consistent favorites, cats and royalty, in a fun action-packed adventure!Princess Tabby is no scaredy-cat! Princess Tabby loves playing in the palace with her brothers and reading about brave kitty heroes. When Tabby and her brothers accidentally give away a magic scroll to the evil King Gorgonzola, they must leave the safety of their castle to get it back. But reading about adventures and going on a real quest are two very different things. Tabby's never been afraid before, but suddenly she doesn't feel so brave. Will she be able to find her courage and save Mewtopia?