Raised Row Gardening: How to Grow Incredible Organic Produce with No Weeding

Raised Row Gardening: How to Grow Incredible Organic Produce with No Weeding SALE

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by Jim and Mary Competti

For homeowners young and old looking for the easiest and most affordable way to grow the most vegetables, the Raised Row method shared in this breakthrough book is the new go-to choice. In the past decade, raised bed gardening has been wildly popular, but it requires buying wood or another material to build the raised beds, which quickly becomes expensive and labor intense. A raised row garden uses just soil and mulch, such as shredded leaves, to create raised growing rows and walking rows. This method is more budget-friendly, natural and just as effective to control weeds and see an impressive harvest your first year. Jim and Mary Competti, founders of the blog Old World Garden Farms, are the leaders of this gardening revolution. They've perfected and streamlined their method over several years. They spend only a few minutes per day maintaining a large garden that provides their family with food for the whole year. In this book, they share their secrets so anyone can do it too.Raised rows utilize straw mulch, compost and cover crops to enrich the soil you have and keep down weeds naturally. This way, no backbreaking overturning of the beds is required, as it is for traditional row gardening. Now, readers can work less and enjoy the fruits of their gardens more!

Table of Contents

Introduction p. 11 
Chapter 1 The Garden that Started a Raised Row Craze p. 15 
Chapter 2 Creating Your Very First Raised Row Garden p. 23 
Chapter 3 The Importance of Planning Before Planting p. 37 
Chapter 4 Planting Your First Raised Row Garden in Spring p. 47 
Chapter 5 Mulching in the Garden p. 71 
Chapter 6 Maintaining the Raised Row Garden in Summer p. 85 
Chapter 7 Compost and Composting: Creating Black Gold to Power the Raised Row Garden p. 115 
Chapter 8 The Raised Row Garden in Fall p. 131 
Chapter 9 Putting the Raised Row Garden to Bed in Winter p. 145 
Chapter 10 Raised Row Gardening Year Two and Beyond p. 165 
Acknowledgements p. 180 
About the Authors p. 182 
Index p. 183