Eight Hours to Die (Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal #3) by William W. Johnstone

Eight Hours to Die (Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal #3) by William W. Johnstone

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William W. Johnstone, the beloved, bestselling frontier chronicler, brings to life the story based on the historical lawman born and bred in Cherokee Nation- Sixkiller. In the wild, wild west there is no man more dangerous-on either side of the law.


The territorial governor has sent three lawmen to clean up the mess that is Chico, New Mexico-and not one of those lawmen has made it out alive. A crooked sheriff has the terrified denizens of Chico under his boot heel, so the governor turns to John Henry Sixkiller, sending him undercover as a gunman for hire. So far, Sixkiller has bloodied his opponents in every battle he's fought in the Southwest. But this one could affect the entire country- A group of merciless land pirates have been hiding behind Chico's brutal sheriff. Their goal- to take the entire territory hostage and sell it lock, stock and barrel to Mexico-gleefully slaughtering anyone who gets in the way...