Butterfly Wishes 3-in-1 Bindup

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New hardback.

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by Jennifer Castle

The Wishing Wings, Tiger Streak's Tale, Blue Rain's Adventure

Sisters Addie and Clara have just moved to a new house in the country, where they discover that their backyard is a gateway to the enchanted realm of magical butterflies called Wishing Wings. These special butterflies have the power to make wishes come true!

When a group of just-emerged butterflies--New Blooms--are in danger of losing their magic, Addie and Clara must team up with a pair of butterfly princesses to save them, making new friends and helping others along the way. Join them on three magical adventures as they meet butterflies Sky Dance, Shimmer Leaf, Tiger Streak, and Blue Rain, and help preserve their butterfly magic.

This bind-up includes three books in the Butterfly Wishes series. Perfect for fans of Rainbow Magic and Princess Ponies, this magical chapter book collection is a wish come true!